Hi! I'm vampirebites, and you've found my corner of the internet.

This site acts as an archive for me to collect any goth-adjacent old web things, most of which concern vampires.

* * *

This site is best viewed on desktop and is not in any way compatiable with mobile devices, and it probably will not be in the future. This site is an archival passion project most of what I host here probably wouldn't look great on mobile devices.

Site Updates

05/21/2023: Obligatory I'm alive! update, again. Hi everyone! I got super busy with life and work, but I'm ready to breathe new life into this site! I learned some new CSS tricks, so expect... something? in the coming future. Honestly, I'm almost too scared to make any big changes because this code is being held together by bubblegum and toothpicks. We'll see!

02/12/2023: I'm alive! I'm updating this code from my iPad because I decided I hate my computer and the internet. Typical Neocities user. I'm planning on sitting down and revamping (LOL) this site again pretty soon, I've been itching to do some HTML work. Keep an eye out for it, but it might take me a few months to drag myself back and work on it. Take care of yourselves!

7/30/2022: I'm slowly but surely working at the graphics

section of my site.

7/29/2022: I finally gave this site a fresh coat of paint after letting it sit for so long! My main goal with this rebuild was to make the site less reliant on images for the headers and links and moreso on code alone, if only to save me some time if I accidentally lose any .psd files of my graphics. I'll fill out my links tomorrow.