hi, you've found my site! i'm a vampire-lover and artist, currently developing a few comic and writing projects. this site is currently a work in progress, but i hope you enjoy your stay! major site overhaul coming soon! expect broken links galore.

9/08/2021 - Hi all! Again, no new major update, but expect a site layout redux in the future.

7/25/2021 - No major site update today, just letting everyone know I'm still around! I got very busy sudddenly, haha.

6/17/2021 - Updated graphics page again, added glitter and dividers!

6/16/2021 - THANK YOU FOR 1K PAGE VISITS- Updated graphics page!

6/15/2021 except not at 2 am - Updated graphics page!

6/15/2021 - Updated about page!

6/14/2021 - HELLO WORLD! Site is created.

some pages i like! if you follow me and have a button, i'll slap yours here, too.